Ludwig Forum

Le Musée imaginaire

17 Jul - 30 Aug 2015

The Book as Exhibition Space
17 July – 30 August 2015

The designer as curator, collector, and author of an imaginary exhibition – that was the content of a seminar by Prof. Ilka Helmig, which took place at the design department of the FH Aachen, University of Applied Sciences. Here, students examined self-selected topics from cultural, scientific and social contexts.

The goal was to draft and stage the contents between two book covers in the form of an imaginary exhibition . The seminar’s content referred to André Malraux’s idea of an “imaginery museum” and Aby Warburg’s “Atlas Mnemosyne”, both of which explore collections and organisations of complex visual content.

The resulting books will be presented from 17.07.–30.08.15 in the foyer of the Ludwig Forum, the opening with music and drinks is on 16.07. at 6.30 pm.