Ludwig Forum


07 Jul - 31 Dec 2015

Expedition Aachen North
7 July – 31 December .12.15

Curated by Karoline Schröder and Holger Otten.

Become a Lufonaut! We cordially invite you to expand your explorations and reflections to the museum’s neighbourhood. Often, the most exciting observations can be made off the known path, on trails or back ways. Familiar or unknown, draft a new portrayal of Aachen North with us.

Start a photo expedition through the district Aachen North and upload your most interesting discoveries here. So, there will be a wall of photos in the LUFONAUTS-exhibition, on which all observations are gathered. The photos map and document the visitor’s view of the quarter. All who are interested are asked to form their own idea of Aachen North and participate directly in the exhibition.