Ludwig Forum


Design Department

10 Mar - 31 Dec 2017

Design Department
10 March - 31 December 2017

LuForm marks the launch of a new experimental exhibition series in the Ludwig Forum. Under the joint curatorial leadership of the Design Department/FH Aachen, designmetropole Aachen, and the Ludwig Forum, innovative and creative designs, products, and objects will be presented, affording an inside look at the Euroregion’s young, adventurous designer scene. Based on an open-ended concept, the exhibition will keep on changing dynamically, allowing us to feature new themes, other colleges, designers or individual initiatives from Germany and neighboring countries. The premiering show explores the local scene, including independent artistic design. The museum shop will also be joining in, offering examples of young progressive product design.

In cooperation with and curated by Designmetropole Aachen, Design Department/FH Aachen and the Ludwig Forum.