Ludwig Forum

Noemi Weber / Nobuyuki Osaki

Research project “The Invention of the Neue Wilde”

22 Oct 2017 - 25 Feb 2018

Shining Mountain / Climbing the World, 2012, 7 min. 42 sec. loop., Videostills.
Research project “The Invention of the Neue Wilde”
22 October 2017 – 25 February 2018

Curated by Benjamin Dodenhoff

In a concentrated space, this dual exhibition shows how differently contemporary artists deal with colour. For the Ludwig Forum for International Art, Noemi Weber has created a ‘location-related’ work of art in which the materiality of the colours interrelates with the surrounding space, blurring the boundaries between sculpture and painting. In the video installation created by Nobuyuki Osaki, the depiction of a landscape dissolves, as if in slow motion, into ethereal streaks and smears of colour. The hypnotic effect might seem at first sight to be computer-generated, but is in fact the product of a physical melting process of colour particles.

This presentation is part of the research project The Invention of the Neue Wilde.