Ludwig Forum

Visual Screams

The Aachen mural painter Klaus Paier

09 Apr - 01 Oct 2017

The Aachen mural painter Klaus Paier
9 April – 1 October 2017

Curators: Marlen Lienkamp and Benjamin Dodenhoff

Opening: Saturday, 04/08/2017, 7 pm

In 1978 the first wall paintings by an anonymous street artist appeared in Aachen. Completed overnight, the political images captivate passersby with their explosive colors and angular-edged figures. Many of them also include textual appeals and warnings on controversial social and political issues. It was in 1989 that Klaus Paier (1945-2009) first acknowledges these “visual screams”, as he calls them, as his own work. During his student years he develops a distinctive visual language along with his friend Josef Stöhr, leaving an impression on the streets of Aachen for many years to come.

Along with photographs of the mural paintings, most of which no longer exist today, the exhibition shows for the first time sketches from the artist’s estate. The exhibition is part of the new research project Die Erfindung der Neuen Wilden.