Luisa Strina

Bernardo Ortiz

20 May - 21 Jun 2014

Exhibition view
20 May — 21 June 2014

Galeria Luisa Strina is pleased to present the first solo show by colombian artist Bernardo Ortiz.
Faced with the need to talk about his work the artist decides to write twelve artist statements. The fourth statement is reproduced here:
“Given the apocalyptical dimensions of forgetfulness in Colombia, to talk about the forgetting of quotidian, daily material things might seem superficial. To forget these things –and the fact that no one talks about them– is also a collateral effect of war. If people have to run out of their homes quickly they will forget their things (literally and metaphorically). One walks for years through the streets of a city, seeing a sign for a hotel, for a parking space and suddenly that sign disappears. One uses a particular type of notebook or bicycle and suddenly it is not made anymore. A few years go by and nobody remembers that that even existed. In some of my drawings I try to capture a certain anachronic or a-temporal quality. It may be a certain shade of yellow or green. Some typography. A hotel form, or the covers from notebooks that have disappeared.”

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