Luisa Strina

Jarbas Lopes , Laura Lima

03 Sep - 06 Oct 2009


3 September - 6 October

Opening: September 2, 2009 at 7:00 pm
Time-frame: From September 3 to October 6, 2009
Place: Galeria Luisa Strina
Rua Oscar Freire, 502
Gallery Hours : Monday to Friday: 10:00 – 19:00hs
Saturdays: 10:00 – 17:00hs

Galeria Luisa Strina presents, from September 2nd to October 6th 2009, a solo and collective show Padedéu, by the artists Laura Lima and Jarbas Lopes. This exhibition celebrates the artists’ friendship for over a decade when they both participated in Mostra Antártica Artes with Folha in 1996, São Paulo.

The title of the exhibition comes about from the suggestion “Padedê”, by the artist Cabelo and is adapted by Laura and Jarbas as Padedéu, meaning abundance in Portuguese colloquial language. Initially, Laura and Jarbas were going to present individual exhibitions displayed at different spaces in the gallery. The coinciding dates of both shows created a discussion between the artists who decided to make collective pieces sprung from the “fluid concept” of atravessamento (through over); term coined by Laura and artist Marssares and with Jarbas at certain moments. Atravessamento speaks of the proximity and influence of ideas that intermingle within the lives of artists that converse, live, and exhibit during the same time. Moreover, the artists will display pieces that were made individually in their studios. Consequently, Padedéu brings forth two solo shows that present and entwine with each other adding an expanded meaning to the artists’ cohabitation.

For Padedéu, Jarbas shows his research with earth looked at through an understanding of the body making sculptures, “Montanha Nã” and “Casulos para uma Nova Geração” (Cocoons for a New Human Generation), among other works. Laura shows, for the first time in São Paulo, her new works under the nickname of “Tarefa Simples” (Simple Tasks), rebuilding the participation of people in her works after her experience with “Homem=carne/Mulher=carne” (Man=meat/Woman=meat) (1996-97), work in which the human body is treated as a material and is fundamental to the realization of an idea.
In “Tarefas Simples”, parts of the bodies come out of the walls or folding screens and complete a certain task like: drawing with a left hand, or clapping at Jarbas’ “Montanha Nã.” In this way, a dialogue emerges between the works, where connections are built and authorship is not dissolved.

Laura Lima, 1971, has a degree in philosophy from Rio de Janeiro State University. From the start of her trajectory, she works with creatures and living organisms, converging into the universe of performance through the use of the body and reevaluating the idea of sculpture and of a tableaux vivant. Twice invited to participate in the São Paulo Biennial, Laura participates in numerous exhibitions in Brazil and elsewhere. Her work is part of various Brazilian and international collections such as: Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo (MAM) and the Museum of Art of Pampulha (BH). Laura co-directs with Ernesto Neto and Márcio Botner the art gallery “A Gentil Carioca”, (RJ) and exhibits “Nuvem” until September 13th at Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim in Rio de Janeiro. She is the Adjunct Curator of the 7th Mercosul Biennial to take place this year between October and November in Port Alegre. She is the winner of the Marcantônio Vilaça Prize of 2006, among others.

Jarbas Lopes was born in Nova Iguaçu, RJ, in 1964 and holds a degree in fine arts from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He has participated in exhibitions such as: “Off the Grid”, at Lehmann Maupin, NY (2002), 8th Havanna Biennial (2003), “Gambiarra – New Art from Brazil”, at Gasworks Gallery in London (2003), “Clicloviárea”, in Arizona (2007) and “Jarbalópolis” in New York (2007). He is the winner of the Miami Art Central Debuts Fellowhips Program in Coral Gables, Miami and his works are part of important collections such as Gilberto Chateaubriand Collection – MAM, RJ, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), NY and Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

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