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Magdalena Jitrik

20 May - 21 Jul 2008

© Magdalena Jitrik
Idea de Sociedad, 2005
oil on canvas
22 x 33 cm

20 May - 21 June

Magdalena Jitrik magically manages to juxtapose a series of historical events which took place more than 120 years apart.

Inspired by a work by Argentinean painter and poet Xul Solar titled ‘Socialism’, Jitrik, in her paintings, takes reference to the 2004 movement in favor of a 6 hours working day but also looks back to less recent history: Three collages (‘Acontecimientos en Turquía’, ‘Plaza Lorea’, ‘El Primero de Mayo’; 2007) remind us of the initiate events on 1 May 1886 in Chicago and their resulting global impacts. Her drawings take the imagery from history books, information due to various personal interviews and the internet. The artist's special interest lies in the typical scene of ‘a gathering on a square, a speaker talking and then the police shooting. This same scene has been repeated all over, not only in 1 May, but through several events after the initial strikes on Haymarket Square in 1886.’

Magdalena Jitrik's works definitely show her influence of constructivist and abstract references: 'Dos Cruces, 2008' is a homage to Malevich. Her investigations in history are depicted in both a monumental and fragile way at the same time.

Magdalena Jitrik (born in Buenos Aires, 1966) most recent exhibitions include Fondo de Huelga, Oficina Proyectista, (Buenos Aires, 2007), Donaciones, Adquisiciones y Comodatos, Museo de Arte Latino Americano de Buenos Aires, (Buenos Aires, 2007) and Arte erótico en la Oficina Proyectista, OP, (Buenos Aires, 2007).

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