Eugene Lemay

20 Feb - 10 May 2015

Dimensions of dialogue
20 February - 10 May 2015

Curator: Micol Di Veroli

The artist Eugene Lemay presents a selection of multidisciplinary artworks and huge installations, which examine the concept of dialogue, reread in a new dimension.

The experience of Lemay in the Israeli army approached him to fear, death, darkness and extreme conditions, that emerge within his gigantic artworks that seem huge maps of the psyche, composed of linguistic and visual fragments.

The elements present in each artwork are taken from their original context to be incorporated into a new space dimension, where they create new thematic and formal realities, temporal breaks and multiple meanings. This relational reality uses the artwork as ideal center of two parties, a kind of mediator that amplifies all forms of communication. Thanks to this delicate system, the verb changes into a subject to disintegrate and recompose, as a symbol of the language that becomes the substance of all things. Each artwork consists in fact of a dense mix of feelings and sensations that the artist draws from his personal experience and then he delivers to the user, which in his own turn is free to construct a new thinking and a new form of communication.

If modern times have created a kind of identity and language globalization, thus feeding a form of purely rhetorical and emotionless communication, the artworks of Eugene Lemay can reconstruct and strengthen the total image of the dialogue, engaging with the spiritual sphere, with the man and his surroundings. In this dimension it is possible to rediscover perfect images and shapes, without beginning or end, symbols and signs of dialogue that can be spread over a circular path, arriving at a real exchange that doesn’t end with the production of the work, but continues towards the activation of it through the essential presence of the viewer.

Eugene Lemay is famous for his series Strata, Letters and Navigator, artworks of huge size that explore the language roots. In 2013 he was indicated in the Power 100 list, of the Art & Auction magazine. During his career, he exposed at the 51st Biennial in Venice and held solo exhibitions at Mike Weiss Gallery in Chelsea, at Total Arts Gallery in Dubai and at Galeria De Art in Buenos Aires. Moreover, he took part to collective exhibition at Art Affairs Gallery in Amsterdam and in other important international institutions.

The exhibition is presented in collaboration with Mana Contemporary in Jersey City, promoted by Roma Capitale, Assessorato alla Cultura e Turismo - Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali, and realized with the patronage of Israel Embassy in Italy – Cultural Office and Italy-Israel Foundation for Culture and Arts.