Going Around the Corner

16 Mar - 10 Jun 2012

GOING AROUND THE CORNER. Paths from Berlingieri Collection
16 March - 10 June 2012

First event of the "Collezionismi" project dedicated to the investigation and speculation on the value, principles and perspectives of both public and private collections. The Berlingieri collection, started in the mid-sixties with a strong inclination towards minimalist and conceptual art, has been gradually enriched with works that retain a strong visual-analytic imprint.

Starting with works such as Going Around the Corner Piece With Live and Taped Monitors (1970) by Bruce Nauman, proceeding with Andy Warhol’s Self-portrait (1986), and two pillars of Felix Gonzalez-Torres' work, to the most recent works of Vanessa Beecroft and Candice Breitz, the exhibition builds on the intensity of the visual relationship between art and spectator.

Tags: Vanessa Beecroft, Candice Breitz, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Bruce Nauman, Andy Warhol