Un-Forbidden City: the Post-Revolution of New Chinese Art

25 Jan - 04 Mar 2012

Gao Brothers 2 Outerspace project n. 7 2008 Fotografia cm. 300x240
25 January - 4 March, 2012

The exhibition, curated by Simona Rossi and Dominique Lora in collaboration with Gao Zhen e Gao Qiang (also known as the Gao Brothers) focuses on the latest trends of Chinese contemporary art scene. A glocal perspective, as Achille Bonito Oliva would define it, where traditions and cultural identity meet towards a transnational creative model.

Among the artists featured in the exhibition are the Gao Brothers, internationally known for their artistic and multimedia experiments on the spiritual crisis that affects individual and human condition. Their works examine the anxieties and fears that lie behind international culture now lost in cultural grossness of globalization (Yi Ying, World Art Magazine).
Other artists fetaured in the exhibition are: Lu Feifei, Chang Lei, Wu XiaoJun, Xinmo Li, Shen Ruijun, Gao Shen, Sung Ping, and Sun Lei.
Their individual and collective artistic research expresses tensions and dynamics of the cultural and social development of contemporary China in relation to an inescapable international and abstract modernity.
The exhibition is part of the Silk Road International Cultural Biennale, a series of eleven exhibitions ranging from history to archeology, from contemporary art to current events, with a rich calendar of conferences and events.

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Simona Rossi e Dominique Lora, in collaborazione con Gao Zhen e Gao Qiang, in arte i Gao Brothers

Tags: Ji Lei, Wu Qiang, Sung