Magasin 3 Konsthall

"Fleeing Away From What Bothers You Most"

17 Mar - 17 Jun 2007

© Jean Luc Vilmouth
"Café de l’Olivier"
Installation, Galerie Anadiel, in East-Jerusalem, 1994

17 MARCH –17 JUNE 2007

"The political non-political presence in the works brings the artists together."
Sarit Shapira, 2007.

Jumana Emil Abboud, David Perlov, Raeda Saadeh, Gil Marco Shani, Jan Tichy, Jean-Luc Vilmouth

Curator: Sarit Shapira in collaboration with Elisabeth Millqvist, Magasin 3 and Sandra Weil, Tel Aviv

The group exhibition “Fleeing away from what bothers you most” presents photography, film, sculpture and painting. Curator Sarit Shapira has invited Palestinian, Israeli and French artists to participate in the exhibition. The majority of work is dominated by a non-political presence - an aviodance linking the artists together that could also be read as a political standpoint in itself.
This exhibition is Sarit Shapira’s first solo exhibition for Magasin 3 as associate curator.

Tags: Jumana Emil Abboud, David Perlov, Gil Marco Shani, Jean Luc Vilmouth, Jean-Luc Vilmouth