Magasin 3 Konsthall

Paul Chan

21 Oct - 17 Dec 2006

© Paul Chan
"2nd Light", 2005.
Photo: Martin Runeborg


"A meditation on a disintegrating world. Our world? "
Daniel Birnbaum, 2006 from the catalogue

From the press release: Like fleeting shadows on the ground, we see objects defying gravity. Sunglasses, cars, people - everything is falling against a background in shifting colors. But what appears to be simple shadows are digital animations projected on the floor - a recurring feature in Paul Chan's ongoing series "The 7 Lights".
Magasin 3 is also showing the video animation "Happiness (Finally) After 35,000 Years of Civilization (After Henry Darger and Charles Fourier)", 2000-2003. The story is a dramatization of how we could achieve a better world, based on the ideas of the utopian socialist thinker Charles Fourier (1772-1837), which Chan has illustrated with an imagery inspired by the eccentric Henry Darger (1892-1973). Paul Chan says that he has animated this in a way he believes Darger would have worked if he had been alive today and had access to the internet and knowledge about contemporary art and photography.

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