Elisabetta Benassi

04 Dec 2006 - 03 Feb 2007


The Magazzino d'Arte Moderna is pleased to present 3 , Elisabetta Benassi's first solo exhibition in the gallery. For this occasion, the artist will show three new works whose symbolic implications revolve around and converge in Yield to Total Elation , 2006, a video installation composed of three simultaneous projections. Set in Trentino Alto Adige in the sand quarry of Tret in Val di Non, the protagonist of the work is an automobile that goes round in circles from sundown to sunrise without stopping, repeating its autistic movement to infinity. Time and space thus appear assorbed and dissipated in a sort of infinite repetition: like the car that moves in circles, the machines of the quarry devour the mountain tirelessly. In an isolated but visually suggestive location, primordial forces seem to irresistably tend towards a state of final equilibrium, where every ulterior possibility becomes unimaginable, and the unlimited fervour evoked by the title an ironic illusion. Yield to Total Elation is a work about energy, consumption and time, where a true beginning and end don't exist.
Suolo #3 and Suolo #4 are two large-scale photographs from a series of portraits - true maps in 1:1 scale - of depot and car wrecking grounds began by the artist in 2005. Completely autonomous, marginal places in which entropy has taken hold, to the point of making everything useless and unrecognisable. They appear to us like horizontal deserts where distance and the normal relation between the observer and the observed is demolished. They are emblems of the periphery of the western world, allegories of real time.
The show concludes with Senza titolo (La vie à credit) , 2006. On a wooden table a mechanical arm performs a circular movement which gradually, over an apparently interminable length of time, will incise the entire thickness of the surface. Here returns the idea of time that winds around itself, of the implaccable force expressed by a mechanism that sabotages its very function. .

© Elisabetta Benassi
Yeild to Total Elation
13 minute
Artists copyright , courtesy Magazzino d'Arte Moderna

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