Still Vast Reserves

25 Sep - 24 Oct 2009

Exhibition view

25 September - 24 October 2009

Magazzino d’Arte Moderna, Via dei Prefetti, 17 – Roma


Performances at 19.00 by Alicia Frankovich and Marco Fusinato with musicians Cristiano
De Fabritis, Luca Tilli and Luca Vinitucci

Artists: Ben Armstrong, Christian Capurro, Alicia Frankovich, Marco Fusinato, Lou Hubbard,
Laresa Kosloff, Tom Nicholson, Stuart Ringholt

Curators: Alexie Glass-Kantor, Emily Cormack, Francesco Stocchi

Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces (GCAS), Melbourne presents an exhibition entitled Still Vast Reserves featuring artwork by eight Australian artists to be held at Magazzino D’Arte Moderna, Rome, Italy in September 2009.
Developed by GCAS Director Alexie Glass-Kantor and GCAS Curator Emily Cormack in collaboration with Roman Curator Francesco Stocchi, this exhibition explores the kinetics of compression, encouraging a sculptural interpretation of the body and the self, in relation to architecture, and ideas of the exterior.
Still Vast Reserves features work in a range of disciplines including print making, performance, video and installation by artists including: Christian Capurro (Arsenale Venice Biennale 2007), Ben Armstrong (Adelaide Biennial 2010), Stuart Ringholt (Sydney Biennial 2008), Tom Nicholson (Sydney Biennial 2006), Alicia Frankovich (Gwangju Biennial 2006), Marco Fusinato, Lou Hubbard and Laresa Kosloff, who are amongst some of the most critically regarded, talented, and innovative artists in Australia.
Conceptually Still Vast Reserves explores the distinctions between disclosure and enclosure, politically, socially and personally. Through focusing on the interplay between the intimate/domestic and the public/structural this exhibition reminds the viewer of their physicality, referring to the dynamics of compression, intimacy and release. The works in this exhibition present a more complex aspect of Australian contemporary art than is often presented in these forums.
Marco Fusinato and Alicia Frankovich will be presenting new performance works at the opening of this exhibition, and Laresa Kosloff and Tom Nicholson will each be creating new large scale installations, along with a suite of prints by Benjamin Armstrong and new video works by Lou Hubbard and Stuart Ringholt.
In conjunction with the exhibition GCAS has produced a major 100 page publication designed by Australia’s lead- ing Graphic Design Company Fabio Ongarato Design, with images and essays.
This exhibition is a reciprocal project, stemming from GCAS’s International Curatorial Residency Programme undertaken by Francesco Stocchi in July 2008. The exhibition in Rome is Phase Two of the project with Phase Three comprising of an exhibition of Italian artists at GCAS in 2010. This revolving exhibition concept ensures that artists, curators, patrons and writers from each country establish firm and ongoing relationships with new networks and audiences, further extending their creative communities.

Still Vast Reserves is made possible with support from Arts Victoria and the Australian Embassy In Rome.

Tags: Alicia Frankovich, Marco Fusinato, Tom Nicholson, Stuart Ringholt