Mai 36

Early Retirement

19 Jan - 03 Mar 2007

"EARLY RETIREMENT" – curated by Glen Rubsamen

We have pleasure in presenting the exhibition Early Retirement curated by Glen Rubsamen. For this project Glen Rubsamen has invited the following artists to contribute their works and thoughts:
John Baldessari, Troy Brauntuch, Ian Cooper, Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Cecilia Edefalk, Stefan Kuerten, Ron McKee, Rita McBride, Monika Stricker, Ina Weber.

Early retirement is every modern workers dream. No more dull jobs just unlimited free time to pursue the real pleasures of life: golf, scuba diving, bird watching or formula one. But artists don’t have this ‘luxury’, instead they retire as kids and then proceed to work harder and harder right up to their last breath. In the current exhibition at Mai 36 Galerie, curator Glen Rubsamen asks ten artists to consider the unusual attributes of ‘The Artists Life’. “I want this show to act as a sales pitch” Rubsamen says, “ It’s the best life you can have, it starts out a bit rough but just gets better and better, until one day you wake up and feel you have a ‘full time job’ but then it’s already almost time to ‘kick the bucket’.”
Through a variety of mediums the artists in the exhibition portray their ‘mixed feelings’ about a profession from which there seems no escape. Each of the artists investigate a different moment of the ironic relationship between their lives and a ‘normal’ life. The exhibition points out how the stereotypes and clichés of the ‘Artists Life’ have just gotten richer and more complex in the last few years, ironically, it’s become, according to Glen Rubsamen, the only one worth having. After all what other job lets you work right up to the moment you ‘buy the farm’.
The vernissage is on Thursday, 18 January from 6 to 8 p.m. Glen Rubsamen and some of the artists will be present. You are cordially invited to a personal encounter with the artists, and we shall be happy to supply you with appropriate picture material on request.
We look forward to welcoming you in our gallery, and we thank you for your interest.
Mai 36 Galerie

© Ian Cooper
"Troy's Bucket", 2005
object, screenprint on canvas, sheet metal, Velcro, retractable extension cord, bucket, custom varsity sweater,
plastic coins and hardware, 122 x 122 x 305 cm (48 x 48 x 120 1/8 in.)

Tags: John Baldessari, Troy Brauntuch, Rita McBride, Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Cecilia Edefalk, Rita McBride, Glen Rubsamen, Monika Stricker, Ina Weber