Social Furniture Collection by EOOS

05 - 11 Oct 2016

Social Furniture Collection by EOOS
Exhibition view
05 October – 11 October 2016

What can design contribute to maximizing the potential of refugees with regard to integration and work? For the conclusion of the theme block Inclusion, the StadtFabrik [City factory] presents the Social Furniture Collection by EOOS, which is part of the entry for the Architecture Biennale in Venice in 2016.

The production and implementation of the collection, consisting of 18 furniture elements that improve the situation in refugee shelters and are meant to ensure better cooperation with one another, is assigned to the categories “Life,” “Work,” and “Cooking.” The elements of the shopping street make it possible for asylum seekers to share and exchange goods and services in a kind of cooperative economy. As a demonstrator for the MAK Design Nite, the shopping street, with all of its fictitious exchange currency, will be relocated from a Vienna refugee district to the museum context and be experienceable for visitors.