Marc Foxx

Early Films

16 Jan - 13 Feb 2016

© Alessandro Pessoli
Caligola, 1999-2002
10m 40s
© Amalia Pica
On Education, 2008
Super 8 film transferred to digital file
TRT: 4m 03s
On Education
© Guido Van Der Werve
The Walking Pigeon, 2001
TRT: 1m 43s
© Jennifer West
Marinated Film (the roll of 16mm I had in the fridge for over ten years)(16mm film negative marinated for several months in: Absynthe & XTC, Pepsi & Poprocks, Jim Shaw’s urine, Red Wine, Coffee and Detox Tea, Aphrodesiacs and ink on paper recipe cards), 2005
Digital video transferred from 16mm film
TRT: 9m 20s
Alessandro Pessoli, Amalia Pica, Guido Van Der Werve & Jennifer West
16 January - 13 February 2016


Early works by good artists in their careers can often times signal the language and concerns of their long-term oeuvre. The four-person exhibition EARLY FILMS will show important defining works by these artists who continue to use film inside their overarching projects.

Los Angeles based Italian artist Alessandro Pessoli is highly regarded for his painting, ceramic sculpture and drawing practices The early Caligola, 1999, animated film took the artist 2 years to complete and required the realization of over 3,500 drawings to construct the 9 minute film. Pessoli recently made Autoritratto Petrolini, 2014, an animation realized through the building up of 3 paintings over the course of a year and more than three thousand changes of the canvases.

On Education is a 2008 film by London based Argentinian artist Amalia Pica. The performative film depicts the artist atop a crane while painting the mounted “hero’s" steed “rightious” white on the memorial public sculpture. Excerpts from Jean Jaques Rousseau’s Emile or On Education’s run sporadically as subtitles throughout and underscores Pica’s interest in public sculpture to the didactic and the “resignification or a possibility to shift the way that history is perceived ...” The artist is currently working from films and images made on her art/science residency in Nigeria’s jungles working with chimpanzees and other indigenous species.

Berlin based Dutch artist Guido van der Werve’s acclaimed films span 10 years and include the new, Nummer zestien, the present moment, currently on view in New York. On exhibition in Early Films is 2010’s Nummer twee: just because I’m standing here doesn’t mean I want to, a deadpan self-portrait of the artist and fate.

Jennifer West has made film work in Los Angeles since she graduating from Art Center in 2004. West’s historically referential experimental films employ materials that address the subject matter of the films “narrative” and in addition are used to affect the film’s surface and visual. On exhibition will be the artists self explanatory titled Marinated Film – the roll of 16mm I had in the fridge for over ten years (16mm film negative marinated for several months in: Absinthe & XTC, Pepsi & Poprocks, Jim Shaw’s Urine, Red Wine, Coffee & Detox Tea, Aphrodisiacs), 2005

The works on exhibition provide individualistic approaches and narrative possibilities that show the rich landscape of film and are early indictors of the included artists voices and projects.

Recent exhibitions by Alessandro Pessoli include Ennesima (solo), Palazzo della Triennale of Milano, Milan, Italy 2015-2016; and Project Room: Alessandro Pessoli (solo), Villa Paloma, Nouveau Musée National de Monaco, Montecarlo, Monaco 2015. Recent and upcoming exhibitions by Jennifer West include Flashlight Filmstrip Projections (solo), Tramway, Glasgow, Scotland 2016; Lisa Cooley Gallery, NY (solo) 2016. Recent and upcoming exhibitions by Amalia Pica unclude Kunstverein Freiburg (solo), Freiburg, Germany 2016; Pipe Dream, WUK/Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna 2015; Nouveau festival “games and play”, Centre Pompidou, Paris 2015; Under the Same Sun: Art from Latin America Today, Museo Jumex, Mexico City, MX (Guggenheim touring) 2015. Recent and upcoming exhibitions by Guido van der Werve include Julietta Jongma (solo), Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2016; Guido van der Werve (solo), Kyoto City Univesity Arts Art Gallery, Kyoto, Japan 2016; Guido van der Werve: numbers 2 6 8 14 (solo), Frist Center, Nashville Tennessee 2016; andNummer zestien; the present moment, (solo)Luhring Augustine, New York 2016.

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