Marianne Boesky

Another Look at Detroit: Parts 1 and 2

26 Jun - 08 Aug 2014

Installation view: Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York
26 June - 8 August 2014

Curated by Todd Levin

A joint project between Marianne Boesky Gallery and Marlborough Chelsea, Another Look at Detroit presents works and objects by over fifty artists, designers, and cultural contributors. The focus of this exhibition is the city of Detroit as a creative center, historically through to today. Spanning a period of 150 years, and taking place at both galleries’ Chelsea spaces, this exhibition is by no means a comprehensive survey. Rather, Another Look at Detroit intends to portray a vision as sprawling and complex as the biography of the city itself.

Mary Ann Aitken / Keith Aoki / William James Bennett / Harry Bertoia / McArthur Binion / James Lee Byars / Nick Cave / James Chatelain / Liz Cohen / Destroy All Monsters / Robert Duncanson/Charles and Ray Eames/ John Egner/ The Henry Ford/ Cyprien Gaillard / Michael Glancy / Brenda Goodman / Jay Heikes / Marie T. Hermann / Scott Hocking / Percy Ives / Ray Johnson / Mike Kelley / Arthur Nevill Kirk / Hughie Lee-Smith / Kate Levant / Morton Levin / Arnold Livshenko / Al Loving / Michael C. Luchs / P. Scott Makela / Tony Matelli / Katherine McCoy / Michael McCoy / Allie McGhee / Charles McGee / Julie Mehretu/ Julius Garibaldi Melchers / Metroplex / Ann Mikolowski / Carl Milles / Wallace MacMahon Mitchell / Gordon Newton / Michele Oka Doner / Max Ortiz / Ellen Phelan / Pewabic Pottery / Bill Rauhauser / Scott Reeder / Jennifer Wynne Reeves / Richard Ritter / Diego Rivera / Eero Saarinen / Eliel Saarinen / Loja Saarinen / Dana Schutz / Zoltan Sepheshy / Robert Sestok / Jim Shaw / Shinola / Michael E. Smith / Mortimer Smith / Gilda Snowden / John Mix Stanley / Anna Sui / Graem Whyte / Robert Wilson

Tags: Mcarthur Binion, James Lee Byars, Nick Cave, Liz Cohen, Ray Eames, Cyprien Gaillard, Jay Heikes, Ray Johnson, Mike Kelley, Kate Levant, Tony Matelli, Julie Mehretu, Scott Reeder, Diego Rivera, Dana Schutz, Jim Shaw, Michael E. Smith, Robert Wilson