Markus Lüttgen

Anna Betbeze

04 Sep - 17 Oct 2015

Exhibition view
4 September - 17 October 2015

„I called this collection of works “Secrets” because I am interested in with-holding information. Information builds a cage for experience. In with-holding, you risk the being categorized as “formal” but these works are not primarily “formal.” These works are vessels, and are continously becoming, never arriving. What can be gained from with-holding is an experience outside of language. So Im hesitant to offer language to explain my work, even here. I will tell you that these works have secrets and that they are made of intimate fragments, personal anarchies, and in private moments. Lashes and scars, cause and effect.“

„Color is fugitive, and the fruit arrives hot and bruised. Color here is impure and flowing with emotional incantations, cryptic messages. Colors emerge from a system but also from a fantasy realm. The carpet is a support, the same as canvas, but allows for a tactile reading of the painting- an experience that is not purely visual but a site for the eye to touch, stroke, and penetrate the fluffy mass.“

„The burned object offers a portal into a color-less world. After burning the carpet works, I am left with charred black wood. My desire is to make positive form from the destructive process of burning- the vessel and bowl forms create and interior and exterior, you can look inside of them, similar to the carpet works, the meaning is suspended somewhere between the surface and the volume.“

„This is my humble, hare-brained attempt at sacred imagery. I follow a program of psychic restructuring, I flirt with formlessness. I am spearing an attitude, filtered through touch that is erotically charged and pleasure bound. Nothing is indexical; traces lead in and out of a soft, undulating center. A kind of soup: a little garlic, jelly, sapphire,eyelashes,eros,cotton- all bubbling in a broth of touching. There has to be more than just touching screens and keys, light blinding eyes! In the tactile world, subjectivity lacerates, licks, and caresses material into object. I play very deliberately: I play with fire, I play with water. I make new rituals to keep tract of my thoughts. This is my pleasure, and here I display pleasure: crystallized, rotten and cast backwards.“

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