Markus Lüttgen

I call it Lüttgen

04 Jun - 30 Jul 2016

An adoption of a space
over the summer 2016
4 June – 30 July 2016

with works by
Artun Alaska Arasli / Erica Baum / James Beckett / Anna Betbeze / Armin Boehm / Matt Connors / Ger van Elk / Chris Evans / Philipp Gufler / Stefan Hablützel / David Jablonowski / Ryan McLaughlin / Viola Relle - Raphael Weilguni/ George Rippon / Matthew Ronay / Matt Stokes / Tristan Wilczek / and others (to be announced) - See more at:

The adoption of the space at Elisenstrasse is the development of a collage, an approach to the place

As of 4 June, at first sight simulating a group show, an incomplete and changeable stocktaking, will open different perspectives and outlooks on the work of the artists and the gallery.
Some positions will be present for the entire adoption of the space, such as Ger van Elk (1941-2014) and his work “Touwsculptuure” 1968/1999. This work with its symbolic and formal solution may be a possible essence of “I call it Lüttgen”.
Works and positions of intense rationality and putatively cool rigour, political dimension, personal and historic reflection, formal and technical aesthetics, performative action and gesture, narrative force and playful approaches will confront and avoid each other and enter in relationships during the course of the show.

An approach as experiment.

Tags: Erica Baum, James Beckett, Anna Betbeze, Armin Boehm, Matt Connors, Ger van Elk, Chris Evans, Stefan Hablützel, David Jablonowski, Ryan Mclaughlin, Matthew Ronay, Matt Stokes, Tristan Wilczek