To Jan

07 May - 23 Aug 2015

Guillaume Bijl
A Homage
7 May – 23 August 2015

At the end of 2008 when Jan Hoet handed over the baton to his successor Roland Nachtigäller after seven years as founding director of Marta Herford, the staff of the museum organized a very special retirement gift:

41 artists who had accompanied his career each dedicated an individually designed A4 page to the Belgian exhibition maker. All of these works were handed over to Hoet in a large box on his departure. On the occasion of Marta’s 10th anniversary, these works by internationally known artists – which are now in the possession of the family – are being publicly shown for the first time – a unique contemporary document of friendship and veneration.


Carla, Accardi, Susanne Albrecht, Matthew Barney, Jakob Bartnik, Guillaume Bijl, Katinka Bock, Marco den Breems, Cai Guo-Qiang, Rui Chafes, Robert Devriendt, Piet Magnus Dürschel, Jan Fabre, Andrea Fogli, Rudi Fuchs, Frank Gehry, Asta Gröting, Claudia Herstatt, Andreas Hofer, Angelika Höger, Thomas Huber, Kazuo Katase, Benjamin Katz, Laurens de Keyzer, Anna Lange, Thérèse Malengreau, Fabio Mauri, Reinhard Mucha, Luigi Ontani, Dennis Oppenheim, Leoluca Orlando, Emilio Prini, Daniele Puppi, Thomas Rentmeister, Lars Rosenbohm, Fernando Sánchez Castillo, ManfreDu Schu, Slava Nakovska & Nedko Solakov, Ettore Spalletti, Jürgen Stollhans, Pascal Marthine Tayou, Susanne Tunn

Tags: Carla Accardi, Matthew Barney, Guillaume Bijl, Katinka Bock, Fernando Sánchez Castillo, Rui Chafes, Robert Devriendt, Jan Fabre, Rudi Fuchs, Frank Gehry, Asta Gröting, Cai Guo-Qiang, Jan Hoet, Andy Hope 1930, Thomas Huber, Kazuo Katase, Benjamin Katz, Fabio Mauri, Reinhard Mucha, Roland Nachtigäller, Luigi Ontani, Dennis Oppenheim, Emilio Prini, Daniele Puppi, Wu Qiang, Thomas Rentmeister, Lars Rosenbohm, Nedko Solakov, Ettore Spalletti