Max Estrella

Almudena Lobera

10 Feb - 02 Apr 2016

© Almudena Lobera
Haz de oscuridad, 2015
Wood cone
150 x 210 x 40 cm.
Una Revelación Latente
10 February – 2 April 2016

This coming Wednesday 10th February Almudena Lobera presents UNA REVELACIÓN LATENTE [A Latent Revelation], her first solo show at Galería Max Estrella.

Over the last year Lobera worked abroad in three internationally renowned art-residencies: Récollets in Paris, HISK in Ghent (to be completed in 2016) and Academia de España in Rome, and it is precisely this last-named experience which served as the source for this new project.

The art critic Luis Francisco Pérez situates “A Latent Revelation between parameters that ‘demand’ from the spectator, inasmuch as a creative invitation to the beholder’s gaze on the artist’s work, an ongoing visual readjustment of his/her own visual perspective, or a ‘correction’ of perceptual systems of ‘seeing’ [...] These works invite [...] a reading in which lighting plays a role identical to that of its opposite, just as, for them, touch is yet another, perhaps more receptive and participative, way of seeing.” (Complete text below).

Almudena Lobera’s work was seen in Spain in 2015 in an extensive exhibition held at ECCO in Cadiz, and internationally, her installation A Sight to Behold was seen last month in Miami as part of the Art Basel week. Her work was also exhibited in Mexico, Belgium and at the Moscow Biennale.

Some of the works created in Rome will also go on display in INDEX Roma, a group show opening soon at Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando in Madrid.

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