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21 Jan - 27 Feb 2010

Exhibition view

21 January – 27 February 2010
Max Wigram Gallery, 99 New Bond Street, London

Max Wigram gallery is proud to announce Clutch, the second solo show at the gallery by Danish artist FOS.†̈
The exhibition explores the area where sensuous, intuitive knowledge is translated into language and rational thought. The clutch, understood as a mechanism able to connect the working parts of any machine, is a metaphor for this shift. To put it into FOS’ words: ‘I see the world as constituted of layers, only a small part of it visible to us and existing as a reaction of what lies underneath; 3D is a shadow of 4D’.

Clutch leads on from FOS’ solo show Memory Theatre Twig at GAK in Bremen in 2008. There, the exhibition was focused on the idea of the “cabinet of curiosities” as a symbol of the systematic organization of knowledge. In Clutch, FOS takes a “step back” from the concepts structuring the show in Bremen and introduces us to a space where information is yet to be collected. It is in the process of being discovered and organised.
†̈The tent on the second floor gallery is the physical link between Clutch and Memory, Theatre, Twig! The GAK Bremen show was structured around semi-transparent, coloured tents that served as platforms for the materialization and organization of objects and memory. One of these tents has been re-designed to fit the space and brought into a new context. Inside the tent are new sculptural works, a poster and a video projection on a black wooden floor designed specifically for the gallery.

FOS’ overall practice investigates how physical space achieves significance through social interaction and how the aesthetics of this social space can challenge and transform social constructs. Referring to his approach as Social Design, the artist does not try to create models but rather to suggest solutions through the investigation of the physicality of social relations. His artistic approach is based on the question: when we live in an aestheticized society, where does the artist place his aesthetics?

The second part of Clutch will be shown at Andersen’s Contemporary in Berlin in March 2010.

FOS (Thomas Poulsen) (b. 1971, Copenhagen, DK) lives and works in Copenhagen. This year he will have a solo exhibition at Andersen’s Contemporary (Berlin) following the show at Max Wigram Gallery. In 2008, he had a solo show at GAK, Bremen, and was included in a group show at The San Carlos Museum, Mexico. In 2007 he had a solo presentation at Art Basel 38 Statements with Max Wigram Gallery. In 2006 his work was shown in exhibitions in Denmark and internationally including the Busan Biennial (Korea); Social Design at Badischer Kunstverein (Germany); Everything but the Sink, Kunstverein Göttingen, Eigenheim (Germany) and Regarding Denmark, Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Centre, Athens (Greece).

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