Max Wigram

Mail Order Monsters

20 Sep - 19 Oct 2008

© Mail Order Monsters

Jules de Balincourt, Mat Brinkman, Ry Fyan, Tomoo Gokita, Billy Grant and Takeshi Murata, Joe Grillo, Evan Gruzis, Ben Jones, Misaki Kawai, Eddie Martinez, Taylor Mckimens, Anders Oinonen, Aurel Schmidt, Francine Spiegel, Dennis Tyfus, Jaimie Warren

Max Wigram Gallery announces a group exhibition curated by Kathy Grayson. Mail Order Monsters brings to London, for the first time, a group of young American artists.

Tapping into an underground music and graffiti vibe the selection of works in the show also finds reference in computer-programme aesthetics. Taking its title from a 1980s videogame (which allowed you to build your own monster) the show suggests an approach to the figuration in contemporary art practice which brings together fictional fantasy with the post-human figure of techno-dystopia, depicting the body as broken, decaying, uncanny and monstrous.

Tags: Jules de Balincourt, Ry Fyan, Tomoo Gokita, Evan Gruzis, Ben Jones, Eddie Martinez, Takeshi Murata, Aurel Schmidt, Al Taylor, Dennis Tyfus