MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo

Alighiero Boetti a Roma

23 Jan - 06 Oct 2013

Alighiero Boetti
Mappa, 1972-73
MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, Roma. Foto Roberto Galasso, Courtesy Fondazione MAXXI
curated by Luigia Lonardelli
23 January – 6 October 2013

An exhibition describing the relationship between an artist allergic to definitions and a city that became for him a jumping off point for the unknown and inspiration for new creative paths: with Alighiero Boetti a Roma, MAXXI recounts the story of “Alì Ghiero, the passing Bedouin, camped out beside the Pantheon”.

Thirty works, many previously unseen or rarely exhibited, that recount an extraordinary creative season in search of an identity and exploring distant, enthralling worlds.
The exhibition examines the particular relationship that bound Boetti to Rome, how the capital’s artistic community was influenced by him and how his contacts with the East were fundamental to the re-emergence of a new colouristic sensibility during the 1980s.

The exhibition underlines the connections, the intertwining and the resonances between the artist’s oeuvre and those of Francesco Clemente and Luigi Ontani, a series of works by whom will dialogue with those of Boetti, investigating for the first time the relationships between their works, which redefine the panorama of creative vitality and exuberance that invested the generation of the 1970s.

Tags: Alighiero Boetti, Francesco Clemente, Luigi Ontani