MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo

Expanded Video

21 Apr - 05 Jun 2011

curated by Anne Palopoli and Oscar Pizzo
21.04.2011 - 05.06.2011

Expanded Video presents an Italian preview of a number of video works and live performances by Jacob Tv, Masbedo, Martha Colburn and People like us (aka Vicki Bennett). 
Organized in collaboration with the Music for Rome Foundation, the series arises from the confrontation and interaction between different forms of creativity that define a common idiom in which listening and seeing become analogous and equivalent episodes. 
The works of the selected artists, in which the diverse idioms fuse and integrate perfectly, are linked by a shared emancipation from the ties and conventions of the individual media. Sound becomes narration and the image dissolves in an ever-different rhythm.



Theorem of incompletion, 2008

5'38'' - Music by Lagash, Borgar Magnason - editing Giuseppe Domingo Romano for Except s.r.l. - courtesy Noire Contemporary Art

Masbedo’s work stages the difficulties underlying the relationship between man and woman and the consequent destruction of intimacy: pieces of glass abandoned on a table in a desolate Icelandic landscape are destroyed by shouts and gunfire. Filmed in Iceland, a location in which the limits are tangible, the work tackles the theme of the conditioning to which man is subjected in contemporary society.

Jacob TV
THE NEWS, a reality opera, 2011 in progress

17' circa - Jan Boiten, videos, scenography; Kristen Kerstens, videos - Courtesy Jacob TV

The News is the latest work by the Dutch musician that will be presented at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh in 2012. At MAXXI Jacob Tv presents a preview of a selection from this opera in which images taken from the media are deconstructed and reconstructed with a syncopated rhythm.

Martha Colburn

Dolls VS Dictators, 2010

11' - Musica/music composed by Greg Saunier (of Deerhoof) and foley sound by Michael Evans - courtesy Martha Colburn
In this video Martha Colburn stages the killing of a number of dictators from history. Thanks to the stop-motion technique, dolls and puppets traverse a fantastic landscape causing the spectator to fall into a surreal world in which the laws that inform reality are overturned.

Cosmetic Emergency, 2005

8' - Musica/Music Jad Fair, Mick Hobbs, Hilary Jeffery, Coco Solid - courtesy Martha Colburn

Cosmetic Emergency focuses on contemporary society’s obsession with appearance. The idea of beauty is analysed through the presentation of images taken from current affairs and old films, paintings and documentaries. In a collage of sounds and representations the video investigates the motivations that push contemporary society in this direction. 

People like us/Vicki Bennett

Live Excerpts, 2002-2007

16'27'' - courtesy Vicki Bennett 

People like us assembles scenes and sound familiar to us from films, documentaries and archive images in a sequence the breaks up the linear cinematographic narration. This work brings together five live tracks of significance from the British musician’s output.


4 maggio, ore 20.30
MAXXI, Galleria 5

7 maggio, ore 14.00 - 22.00
MAXXI, Galleria 5

19 maggio, ore 20.30
Martha Colburn - DOLLS VS. DICTATORS
MAXXI, Galleria 5

24 maggio, ore 21.00
People like us - GENRE COLLAGE
Auditorium Parco della musica, Teatro Studio

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