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Paul Klee - Special Class, Not For Sale

01 Mar - 25 May 2015

Paul Klee
polyphon gefasstes Weiss, 1930
Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern
1 March - 25 May 2015

Paul Klee (1879–1940) is one of the most significant representatives of Classic Modernism. Over 300 of his 9,000 works, drawn from his entire period of artistic creativity from 1901 to 1940 and termed "special class", were withdrawn from the art market and compiled for an estate collection. This classification can also be regarded as the first self-conceived "retrospective" of the artist. In the 1930s in particular Klee used the "special class" to return to and revise the works that he had completed thus far. Accordingly, there are numerous undiscovered cross-references between the "special class" pictures and other works, opening up a whole new perspective of the overall work of Paul Klee. <//span>
This retrospective was never realised during the lifetime of the artist. Now, on the basis of current research work at the University of Zurich, a selection has been made from these works for the first time for an exhibition. The over 130 works and documents also permit interesting cross-references to be established between "special class" pictures and other Klee works. A further focus is Paul Klee's passion for music and his ability to motivate composers of the 20th and 21st centuries.
The comprehensive information programme includes the multimedia guide, an exhibition programme for children, the creative studio, an extensive range of workshops, public tours and a series of concerts. Dates and information can be found at and at the museum ticket counter.

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