Meyer Kainer

Gedi Sibony

22 Jun - 15 Sep 2012

As Told By Eons – Exhibition View
As Told By Eons
22 June - 15 September 2012

From 22.6. to 15.9.2012 (summer break in August) Galerie Meyer Kainer will be showing works of New York based artist Gedi Sibony.

His recent solo shows include exhibitions at Culturgest in Lisbon, Museum St. Louis, Kunsthalle St. Gallen and the FRAC Champagne-Ardenne. Furthermore he took part in the exhibition Unmonumental at the New Museum in New York.

Gedi Sibony is used to use a vocabulary of doors, curtains, carpet, remnants, pipes, plastic, cardboard and foamcore – contemporary consumer-grade rudiments. These raw materials operate as a phenomenological staging grounds which are highly tuned to their surrounding architectural spaces – individual elements recast as provocations and indicators of the theatrical presence of the interior spacesin which they exist. Preferring an intellectual physicality to a purely conceptual approach, Sibony treats each installation as an unfolding and physically involving meta-narrative.

Our own task is to go from the world of people and interactions to a frozen fictional world.
Through doors and hallways and spirals: this is a forgetting process.

These objects, slightly skewed but not off balance, generated the expanse: the teetering compact, flattened and filled-in world as the stage.

The energy comes from beyond the horizon and into humankind.

And there is the one to whom meanwhile is occurring around her.

The depiction of the localized revelation of the universe–it is the confirmation of the mystery of life. This seeks the encapsulation of this.

In the epiphany, vistas reveal internally.

Artists choose to remain embedded in the act of depiction and very close to the thing and simultaneously embedded in the escape from it. To articulate it the artist stays localized to refine the method of articulation, synthesizing the escape fantasy.

This is called simulating the presence of in physical form.

("Vienna Writing" by Sibony)

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