Meyer Kainer

Gedi Sibony

07 Jun - 05 Sep 2017

Gedi Sibony, Exhibition View
7 June – 5 September 2017

Gedi Sibony ́s second solo show at Galerie Meyer Kainer is separated into three parts: objects in the center of the room, objects on the walls, and drawings. The new pieces in the main space of the gallery are made by cutting out sections from the walls of defunct aluminium tractor trailers that already have areas of paint on them. In each case, to a greater or lesser extent, a combination of age and rolled-on paint has conspired with the fragmentation imposed by the artist to obscure the imagery and logos. (Painting over the brands is common practice when the trailers are taken out of service.) With seemingly gratuitous care, a nameless painter has used rollers of various sizes, each just large enough to cover identifying text or symbols.

A series of this works, at this stage of development rather colorful, was shown at the Biennale di Venezia 2015. These paintings recall less abstract painting and more the torn poster décollages of Raymond Hains, Jacques de la Villeglé, Mimmo Rotella etc. The layers acted, according to the intention of the Biennale, as ‘a sort of metaphor’ for social memories embodied in material possessions handed down across generations or inscribed in patterns of mass consumption.

The upper floor of the gallery shows a sample of drawings, reflecting the snowflake white of the paintings in the main space. Sibony: „Drawing feels active. It has a wing. It can spin out of control, progress unhinged, and still land on its feet. “

Tags: Raymond Hains, Mimmo Rotella, Gedi Sibony