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Alice Springs

12 Jun 2010 - 15 May 2011

© alice springs
brigitte nielsen and son, beverly hills 1990

opening of the new exhibiiton "alice springs" on friday, 11 june 2010 at 7:30 pm

starting in 1970, june newton created own photographic works under the pseudonym alice springs. these have been exhibited regularly at the helmut newton foundation since 2005, namely in "june's room." the current retrospective in berlin provides for the first time a comprehensive look at the four decades that span her work, presenting photographs from advertising and fashion as well as nudes and portraits.

her own photographic oeuvre began with a bout of influenza suffered by helmut newton in paris, 1970. june newton had her husband show her how to handle the camera and light meter and in his place photographed an advertisement for the french cigarette brand gitanes. the portrait of the smoking model would be the jumpstart of a new career. in the early 1970s, alice springs shot several campaigns for the french hair stylist jean louis david; the photographs appeared under her byline as full-page ads in renowned fashion magazines. 1974 saw the first alice springs cover image adorning french elle.

by this time she had also received innumerable commissions for portraits, some of which have become iconic. the roster of artists, actors and musicians depicted by alice springs over the last 40 years reads like a "who's who" of the international cultural scene on both sides of the atlantic. she does more than document the appearance of celebrities and anonymous contemporaries; she captures their charisma, their aura. it might be that her deep knowledge of acting helps, how to simultaneously look at and beyond the human façade. her images are visual commentaries that interpret the photographed.

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