Michael Janssen

Gert & Uwe Tobias

02 Jun - 28 Jul 2007

Gert & Uwe Tobias
Wohin der Hase läuft | 2007 | Installationview
Gert & Uwe Tobias
Wohin der Hase läuft
2 June - 28 July 2007

After two previous exhibitions of the twin brothers’ works in Cologne (2004 and 2006), Michael Janssen now has the pleasure to present the third solo exhibition of Gert and Uwe Tobias (* 1973) in his new Berlin gallery.

Coloured walls form the setting for large-sized woodcuts, sculptural objects and paper works. The wall paintings, designed as a separate medium, create a spatial grouping of the works and bestow a museum-like impression upon the gallery.

In the language of their work, Gert and Uwe Tobias use the different traditions of con-structivism and symbolism, folklore and handicraft in a superior manner. This powerful, yet at the same time, serious and heedless involvement the of traditional with elements of their subjective presence is in the meantime also recognized in the USA. There the artists were able to realise an exhibition (at the end of the year 2006) in the project room of the UCLA Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. The New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has invited the twin brothers for a solo project next autumn.
In Europe, their works will be presented up to August 26 at Made in Germany in Hannover. A museum’s exhibition showing the works of the two Transylvania-born artists will open up in summer in Romania’s cultural capital Sibiu/Hermannstadt. In the Art Unlimited section of this year’s Art 38 Basel, Michael Janssen will present a multi-pieced, large-scale installation of the Tobias brothers. During the fair, the gallery will showcase the release of an extensive publication with drawings, which is published by Snoeck Verlag.

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