Micheline Szwajcer

Zoe Leonard

31 Oct - 30 Nov 2013

Sun Photographs
31 October - 30 November 2013

This led me down what turned out to be a long path, an extended exploration of different modes of representation, the different kinds of jobs a photograph can do. It can be a document, or a record, it can be used to transmit information, or employed as evidence, or proof. It can be a snapshot, intimately connected to memory and emotion. It can be a kind of blueprint of the world, or it can be completely abstract. Photographs can be used for both ordering and disordering the world. (1)

For her solo exhibition at Galerie Micheline Szwajcer, Zoe Leonard presents a series of sun photographs. Going against the basic rules of photography, or perhaps deep into to its own limits, the artist made a series of photos by pointing her camera directly at sun.

The Sun Photographs defy the restraints of perception, and we have to search for evidence where forms have disappeared. The images are grey and blurry, and do not allow us to define the object of our gaze.

As in a sort of archive entry, the titles of Zoe Leonard’s prints record the exact moment when the photographs were taken. The artist emphasizes the place from which the shot is made: the vantage point of the artist.

(1) Zoe Leonard interviewed by Elisabeth Lebovici, April 2012

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