Migros Museum

Extra Bodies

The Use of the ‹Other Body› in Contemporary Art

18 Nov 2017 - 04 Feb 2018

L.A. Raeven, Test Room, 2000, Color photograph, 101 x 101 cm
Courtesy the artists and Ellen de Bruijne Projects
18 November 2017 – 4 February 2018

Featuring artworks by: Vanessa Beecroft; Guy Ben-Ner; Oscar Bony; Christoph Büchel; Clegg & Guttmann; Gino de Dominicis; Maria Eichhorn; Jens Haaning; Yves Klein; L.A. Raeven; Teresa Margolles; Yoshua Okón; Yuri Pattison; Edwin Sánchez; Christoph Schlingensief; Santiago Sierra; Studio Jonas Staal and Democratic Self-Administration; Ai Weiwei; Ai Weiwei; Stephen Willats; Carey Young; Artur Żmijewski

The exhibition sheds light on a phenomenon in art that first rises to prominence in the 1990s and then explodes in the early years of the new millennium: the artistic practice of resorting to and deploying ‘extra bodies’. Artists select these ‘other bodies’ because of their specific social or biosocial role—which is why they may also be characterized as extras. All works on view share a basic ‘performative’ or ‘theatrical’ quality. Strikingly, the viewer is neither drawn into the action nor invited to participate. Unlike many artistic productions discussed under the rubric of relational aesthetics, these pieces do not demand his active engagement. Taking up both exhibition floors at the museum, the extensive group exhibition featuring numerous works from the collection scrutinizes the various modes in which extras with their social and biosocial roles are presented, and function, in art.

Tags: Ai Weiwei