MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst

Graduates of the Städelschule 2014

09 Jul - 10 Aug 2014

9 July — 10 August 2014

For the sixth time the graduates of the Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste – Städelschule will exhibit their works at the MMK Zollamt. The young artists are showing works in a wide range of media including installation, painting, sculpture, photography, film and performance.

The exhibition title Pashmina was chosen because it sparks associations with the period that had a formative influence on the youths of the students now graduating. It refers to a specific type of scarf that had fashion icon status in the 1990s. The pashmina scarf was originally a luxurious accessory made of cashmere. Since it came to be mass-produced from inferior materials in the ’90s, the term pashmina has no longer guaranteed high-quality material. Its meaning has changed. 

A central issue of many of the graduates’ works is how both the meaning of objects and the attribution of value to them changes over time, depending on the respective context.

The graduates studied under Monika Baer, Peter Fischli, Douglas Gordon, Judith Hopf, Michael Krebber, Tobias Rehberger and Willem de Rooij.

With: Taslima Ahmed, Jagoda Bednarsky, Alan B. Brock-Richmond, Tobias Donat, Sofia Duchovny, Buck Ellison, Deniz Eroglu, Hélène Fauquet, Adam Fearon, Nik Geene, Lena Grewenig, Moritz Grimm, Maki Ishii, Rasmus Søndergaard Johannsen, Billie Maya Johansen, Margarethe Kollmer, Natasja Loutchko, Dana Munro, Huseyin Oylum, Olga Pedan, Marcel Petry, Lena Philipp, Manuel Raven, Kirsten Reibold, Ani Schulze, Jessica Sehrt, W. Wendell Seitz, Giovanni Sortino, Simon Speiser, João Teixeira, Raphaela Vogel, Mark Walker, Martin Wenzel, Okan Yıldırım.

Tags: Monika Baer, Douglas Gordon, Judith Hopf, Michael Krebber, Jp Munro, Tobias Rehberger, Willem de Rooij, Raphaela Vogel