MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst

MMK 1991 - 2011: 20 Years of Presence

19 Jun - 09 Oct 2011

© Stephan Balkenhol
57 Pinguine, 1991
MMK 1991 - 2011: 20 YEARS OF PRESENCE
19 June - 9 October, 2011

Owing to its size and diversity, the presentation of this collection in its entirety has not been possible to date. Already at the time of its opening, the holdings comprised more works than could be displayed on the floor space offered by the museum building, a Hans Hollein design.

In the anniversary year 2011, however, we are going to make the hitherto impossible possible: the MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst will present its collection in an unprecedented overview exhibition and allow it to shine in full glory – at the MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst with the adjacent MMK Zollamt, and on four thousand square metres in a building slated for demolition in the MainTor-Areal on the bank of the river Main in Frankfurt.

For the first time in its history, the multiplication of the MMK’s exhibition space will allow it to spread out works by nearly all of the artists represented in the collection in a unique presentation. In addition to the staging of major works of outstanding significance by Nam June Paik, Christian Boltanski, Ai Wei Wei/Serge Spitzer or Franz Erhard Walther in new constellations and spaces at the MainTor-Areal, works from the MMK holdings never before shown to the public, for example by Michel Majerus, Ceal Floyer or Holger Bunk, will be introduced. The spatial concept for the exhibition building in the MainTor-Areal will be developed in cooperation with Frankfurt architect Prof. Christoph Mäckler – who incidentally is also responsible for one of the new high-rise sites in the so-called MainTor Panorama. The artist Tobias Rehberger will install his work Montevideo, Milan, New York, Moscow, Dubai, Singapore, São Paulo and Tokyo as a temporary museum café, and with the design of the 600-square-metre roof terrace overlooking the Main and the development of a visual routing system for the exhibition he will moreover introduce striking visual accents in the interior and exterior areas of the presentation.

At the building constructed for the MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst after a design by Hans Hollein in Domstrasse in 1991, a concurrent six-month presentation will feature top works from the MMK such as Roy Lichtenstein’s Yellow and Green Brushstrokes, Andy Warhol’s Green Disaster, Bruce Nauman’s Perfect Balance, Bill Viola’s The Stopping Mind, Gerhard Richter’s Fußgänger (Pedestrians) and Douglas Gordon’s Play Dead; Real Time. The post-modern building has lost nothing of its fascination; on the contrary, it has meanwhile taken on model character.
In the past two decades, many of the pieces on display here have been developed for specific spaces within the building by artists represented in the collection. No other museum in the world possesses such a large number of site-specific works.


A Ai Weiwei/Serge Spitzer Francis Alÿs Carl Andre B Francis Bacon Silvia Bächli Jo Baer John Baldessari Stephan Balkenhol Robert Barry Lothar Baumgarten Thomas Bayrle Bernd und Hilla Becher Lucie Beppler Michael Beutler Joseph Beuys Bernhard Johannes Blume Christian Boltanski Martin Boyce Marc Brandenburg Christoph Brech C Miriam Cahn John Chamberlain David Claerbout D Walter Dahn Hanne Darboven Jeroen de Rijke Willem de Rooij Thomas Demand WalterDe Maria Jim Dine Marlene Dumas E Cecilia Edefalk F Hans-Peter Feldmann David Fischli/Peter Weiss Dan FlavinJochen Flinzer Parastou Forouhar Katharina Fritsch G Cyprien Gaillard Isa Genzken Robert Gober Douglas Gordon Tue Greenfort H Herbert Hamak Gabi Hamm Anton Henning Georg Herold Carsten Höller Martin Honert Johannes Hüppi BethanHuws J Christian Jankowski Hans Josephsohn Donald Judd K Ilya Kabakov Michael Kalmbach On Kawara Ian Kiaer Udo Koch Joseph Kosuth Gary Kuehn L Roy Lichtenstein Morris Louis Lee Lozano M Michel Majerus Piero Manzoni Fabian Marcaccio Teresa Margolles Anthony McCall Stephan Melzl Mario Merz Simon Dybbroe Møller Jonathan Monk Sarah Morris N Bruce Nauman Martin Neumaier Cady Noland O Marcel Odenbach Albert Oehlen Claes Oldenburg P Nam June Paik Palermo Steven Parrino Michelangelo Pistoletto Charlotte Posenenske R Arnulf Rainer Robert Rauschenberg Tobias Rehberger Gerhard Richter Pipilotti Rist Peter Roehr Reiner Ruthenbeck Robert Ryman S Tomas Saraceno Bojan Sarcevic Wilhelm Sasnal Julian Schnabel Gregor Schneider Markus Sixay Dirk Skreber Andreas Slominski Keith Sonnier Sturtevant T Wolfgang Tillmans Rosemarie Trockel James Turrell Luc Tuymans W Franz Erhard Walther Jeff Wall Andy Warhol Robert Watts Lawrence Weiner Matthias Weischer Peter Welz Franz West Cerith Wyn Evans Z Dolores Zinny/Juan Maidagan and many more.

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