Muzeul National de Arta Contemporanea

Dada . Ro

20 Apr - 09 Oct 2016

© Paul Păun
Figurative drawing, [„Lovaj”]
undated, Ink and drawing pen on paper, 260×320 mm
Petre Solomon Collection
DADA . RO (part I)
20 April – 09 October 2016
(First part – until 26 June 2016)

Curator: Radu Stern
Artists: Victor Brauner, B. Fundoianu, Marcel Iancu, Paul Păun, Tristan Tzara, Ion Vinea

DADA . RO (part II)
20 April – 09 October 2016
Opening: 07 July 2016

Curator: Radu Stern
Artists: Victor Brauner, Gherasim Luca, Max Hermann Maxy, Jules Perahim, Virgil Teodorescu, Dolfi Trost

In a famous article Urmuz-Dada-Surrealism, published in Contemporanul magazine (no. 71, 1926), Ion Vinea tried to establish a connection by which Demetru Demetrescu Buzău, the absurdist writer, was a forerunner of the insurrection at Cabaret Voltaire. The approach, invalidated by chronology, intended to lend an autochtonous origin to the avant-garde art and literature, turning it into an “exported”, and not “imported”, product. Nevertheless, even if Romania was not the actual birthplace of Dada, Bucharest can claim a significant place in the European avant-garde movement. A number of pieces from the Museum of Romanian Literature and the Library of the Romanian Academy but also from important private collections stand proof to it. (Radu Stern)

The Platform has been launch, but the DADA adventure continues: Collage, photomontage, visual barrage. Add your photo to the worldwide digital canvas with DADA-GRAM. Online in Romanian starting from 20th of april.

Tags: Victor Brauner, Paul P., Tristan Tzara