Muzeul National de Arta Contemporanea

Martine à la plage

20 Mar - 27 Apr 2013

© Brice Guilbert
Flag (Roumanie), 2013
Acrylic on canvas, 1,63 x 1,06 cm
courtesy Brice Guilbert
Harold Ancart, Sébastien Bonin, Brice Guilbert
20 March - 27 April 2013

The exhibition "Martine à la plage" brings together three Belgian and French artists: Harold Ancart, Sébastien Bonin and Brice Guilbert. The works exhibited at MNAC Anexa are a dialogue between three different practices of art, three different point of views, linked together by common preoccupations and a research on abstraction. The show explores access to different levels of abstraction and identification of reality. The artists practice drawing and photography. They explore possibilities of extensions of a simple medium, language into space.

The works allow the process of "writing" into space. The annex of MNAC is arranged as an undivided open-space. They open paths and trajectories by using the void around them both as a dividing and unifying force, reinforcing the differences of perspectives on nature of each work, while creating a new state of nature with a homogeneity of its own. The experience is one of wandering within that new state of nature, revealed by confronting the condensed inner nature of each work.

This exhibition is the first reunion of three artists who graduated from the same art school, at La Cambre in Brussels. While the three of them followed very distinct artistic paths, this show marks a stage of common dynamics, influences and preoccupations. While the stakes and dynamics are still individual, they intend to establish a dialogue on how utopia, nature and shape can be constructed, revealed and questionned.

Tags: Harold Ancart, Sebastien Bonin