Moderna Museet

Marina Abramović

18 Feb - 21 May 2017

Marina Abramović
Stromboli III Volcano, 2002
Courtesy Marina Abramović Archives
Photo: Paolo Canevari
© Marina Abramović / Bildupphovsrätt 2016
The Cleaner
18 February – 21 May 2017

Curator: Lena Essling

At once radical, controversial and revered, Marina Abramović is one of the most discussed artists today. Famous for her groundbreaking performance works, she continues to expand the boundaries of art. This exhibition is produced in close collaboration with the artist and marks her first major retrospective in Europe.

In her work Marina Abramović explores the intersection between performing and visual art, with a focus in equal shares on body and time. Since the early 1970s she has continued to develop and expose a field of art other than the object based to a wider audience. Drawn from public and private collections, including that of the artist, the survey includes works from the earliest years, solo and with Ulay, until today: film, photography, paintings and objects, installations and select archival material.

The work poses questions of power and hierarchy yet is rarely overtly political. Her practice sometimes demands of us that we let go of a linear sense of time or an autonomous individuality. And yet personal experience and responsibility are central in her performances, seeking the core of notions like loss, memory, pain, endurance, trust. Marina Abramović addresses fundamental issues of our existence in ways that may both provoke and move us.

Marina Abramović was born 1946 in Belgrade, and is currently based in New York.

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