Moderna Museet

Omer Fast | Wael Shawky | Natalia Almada

22 Feb - 19 May 2013

Omer Fast
5000 Feet is the Best, 2011
© Courtesy the artist, gbagency, Paris and Arratia Beer, Berlin
22 February - 19 May 2013

This spring, some of the most noteworthy international and Swedish contemporary artists in moving images will be visiting Moderna Museet.
There are epic qualities in portrayals from the war and the fronts. The subject is as timeless and intriguing as the conflicts appear endless; from Homer to Hurt Locker, from Sun Zi to Al Jazeera. But with constant updates in media reports on conflict zones, we as spectators become numbed and insensitive to the fragmented flow of images and stories.

Omer Fast, Wael Shawky and Natalia Almada work with moving images, in different practices, but with points in common. The works in this relay exhibition discuss given conflicts and political scenarios, in the present or past. They challenge the terms for cinematic narrative and the requirements for portraying a reality. Whereas art, like film, occasionally embraces almost fetishistic expressions of violence, these artists employ distance and circumlocution as their most effective tools. Without presenting answers or truths, they allow us to focus our gaze.

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