Moderna Museet

Reality Revisited

09 May - 20 Sep 2009

Anders Petersen
Marlene (From the series Café Lehmitz), 1967-70/1986
© Anders Petersen
Photography from the Moderna Museet Collection
9 May - 20 September 2009

Curator: Anna Tellgren

This exhibition will present a cross-section from the 1970s and discuss how photography then related to questions on form and content, subjectivity and objectivity, art and politics. From the Moderna Museet collection works by Larry Clark, Ralph Gibson, Irina Ionesco, Duane Michals, Melissa Shook, Arthur Tress and others will be shown. The exhibition will also present interesting series by the Swedish photographers Eva Klasson, Anders Petersen and Christer Strömholm.

All these photographers belong to and are representatives of classic black-and-white photography. In different ways they worked with the medium and explored various possibilities to express themselves with the photographic image. After the Second World War street photography and the Subjective Photography influenced greatly a generation of artists emerging in the 1960s and who had their climax before the postmodern photographic art in the 1980s.

Tags: Larry Clark, Ralph Gibson, Duane Michals, Anders Petersen