Moderna Museet

Tala Madani

25 May - 27 Oct 2013

Tala Madani
Dirt, 2011
© Courtesy of the artist and Pilar Corrias gallery, London
Rip Image
Curators: Joa Ljungberg and Andreas Nilsson
25 May - 27 October 2013

Tala Madani (b. 1981 in Iran) works with paintings and animations and Rip Image is her most comprehensive museum exhibition to date. It presents a large selection of paintings, works on paper and several animations.

In her work, Tala Madani discusses the social and political challenges of our contemporary global society, and comments on power structures and masculine identities. The contrast between humour and seriousness, play and harsh reality, is ever-present in Madani’s artistic renderings of veritably ritualistic, often absurd situations that oscillate between the figurative and the abstract. Complex structures and emotional layers are added to each other until the given outcomes are annulled.

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