Modern Art

Eva Rothschild

18 Mar - 16 Apr 2005

Eva Rothschild
18 March – 16 April 2005

Modern Art is pleased to present Eva Rothschild’s second solo exhibition at the gallery, following her recent presentation at the Carnegie International in Pittsburgh.

Eva’s sculptural language is concerned with formalism, particularly 1960’s Minimalism, and a universal spirituality. Elements of mysticism, New Age thought and a more ancient cultural knowledge are present in the use of symbolic forms like spheres or pyramids and specific materials such as incense imbue the formal object with a spiritual presence.

In Rothschild’s works, industrial production and craftsmanship meet to create formal and personal objects. Woven wall hangings that initially appear abstract, once studied reveal their origins in found imagery; figurative and decorative images of protesters and lovers abound. There is a meditative quality to the wall hangings and as with a mandala or other religious aid we recognise that both sustained looking and the laboured means of production work together to provide meaning.

Rothschild’s familiar woven-leather heads are also included in this exhibition, however they have now been elevated from the studio floor, rising up as if to a higher plain. Less familiar are the forms of her most recent sculptures that are a departure from the practise of working with known forms. Pyramids are replaced or perhaps disguised by a sort of natural geometry; strong and yet fragile, with a memory of form that we are aware of but struggle to place.

In 2004 Eva Rothschild had a solo show at Kunsthalle Zurich and participated in the Carnegie International, Pittsburgh. Following the exhibition at Modern Art she will have a solo show in her hometown of Dublin at the Douglas Hyde Gallery. This summer her work will be featured in Extreme Abstraction at the Albright Knox Art Gallery, New York.

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