Modern Art Oxford

Michael Sailstorfer

12 Mar - 22 May 2011

© Michael Sailstorfer
Wolken, 2010
Photography by Achim Kukulies
12 March - 22 May, 2011

Modern Art Oxford hosts recent work by Michael Sailstorfer in his first solo presentation in the UK. Through the transformation of everyday objects and materials, Sailstorfer creates sculptural interventions, both in the gallery space and the public realm. His work often explores flight, movement and displacement, and is infused with a poetic and humorous sensibility.
Deconstruction and dispersal are a common part of his process of making. Past pieces have included dismantling and reconstructing a glider plane to build a treehouse (D-IBRB, 2002) and using explosives to propel a fruit tree into the air (Raketenbaum, 2008).
For The Yard Sailstorfer will present a new version of recent work Wolken (Clouds), 2010. Large industrial tyre inner tubes of different sizes are inflated, twisted and bunched to create a cluster of simple, ‘cartoonish’ black rubber forms. These will be suspended across the ceiling of The Yard, intervening in the architecture through a playful manipulation of form, weight and volume.

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