Modern Art Oxford

Test Run: Performance in Public

27 Mar - 17 May 2015

27 March — 17 May 2015

Piper Gallery, Project Space, Yard

Günter Brus | Jeremy Deller | Song Dong | Rose English | VALIE EXPORT | Alicia Frankovich | Hamish Fulton | Jefford Horrigan | William Hunt | Sanja Iveković | Serena Korda | Bruce Lacey | Jérôme Leuba | Klara Lidén | Lilly McElroy | Florence Peake | Alex Schady | Mike Smith | Theatre of Mistakes | Gillian Wearing

Modern Art Oxford presents Test Run: Performance in Public – a multidisciplinary exploration of ideas which focuses on artists who use public space specifically for performance.

Through a selection of new and historical works, Test Run examines what happens when ‘normal behaviour’ in public spaces is disrupted and how expectations of public behaviour can be exploited.

Using film and documentary material, discussions and interactive sessions, Test Run will explore the making, curating and presenting of performance in public space. Including live performance, talks, workshops and a series of three new commissions, Test Run links the interior space of the gallery to public locations in Oxford’s city centre.

Tags: Günter Brus, Jeremy Deller, Song Dong, Valie Export, Alicia Frankovich, Hamish Fulton, William Hunt, Sanja Ivekovic, Jérôme Leuba, Klara Liden, Gillian Wearing