Proyectos Monclova

Daniel Steegmann Mangrané

26 Jun - 30 Aug 2014

© Daniel Steegmann Mangrané
Systemic Grids II, 2014
Laser cut steel
225.59 x 195.67 x .2 Inches / 573 x 497 x .5 cm
26 June - 30 August 2014

“What an odd thing it is to see an entire species – billions of people – playing with, listening to, meaningless tonal patterns, occupied and preoccupied for much of their time by what they call ‘music.'”[1]

Daniel Steegmann Mangrané pushes the viewer to deconstruct and experience space, while at the same time giving him or her the opportunity to construct another space out of the relationships between different objects. Born in 1977 in Barcelona, Steegmann Mangrané works in collages, paintings, videos and sounds that clash amongst themselves, setting off a chain of movements and actions that in turn trigger meanings.

The viewer is invited to move around and to translate these chains. This subject is now a translator of language, a passerby lost and adrift, an exile with the possibility of expanding his vision thanks to movement. Pieces like Fólego (2014), carried out with the flautist Joana Saraiva and conceived in reaction to the space of Proyectos Monclova, is a perfect display of this flow. The breath of seven crosswise flutes located at different points of the gallery circulates and expands within the four walls, and at the same time connects and activates the rest of the pieces of the exhibition.

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