Proyectos Monclova

Group Show

04 Sep - 16 Oct 2009

© Emilio Chapela
Crisis, 2009
Neon sign
7.87 x 15.75 in. (20 x 40 cm)

There are False Problems More that there are False Solutions More than there are False Solutions for True Problems
The First Time is Already the Second
Being Must Have a Fundamental Lapse of Memory

Alejandro Almanza
Marcos Castro
José León Cerrillo
Aldo Chaparro
Emilio Chapela
Napoleón Habeica
Adriana Lara
Mario López Landa
Jorge Méndez Blake
Moris (Israel Meza Moreno)
Omar Rodríguez-Graham
Colectivo El Resplandor
Marco Rountree
Eduardo Sarabia
Tony Solis

Opening reception:

Friday, September 4th, 2009 - 7:00 pm
La Galería en el Taller Mecánico
Plutarco Elías Calles 419, Tampiquito, San Pedro Garza García
Nuevo León, México.

There was a crazy man sitting underneath a shadow, he spoke to himself and had a dirty beard and filthy long hair. He also had a skinny street dog, no breed, with spots. The man wore a red pin on his dirty brown shirt that stood out, it said: "Party with me, I' m drug free". I remembered that my cousin Rosa had that pin when we went to Mazatlán, it was attached to her purse. The man was biting a straw and spoke out but only the dog paid attention to him. I was sitting in front of him on the other side of the sidewalk, waiting for a girl to come out of a computer shop, we were, I could say, going through one of those wild moments that all, or almost all of us have had. A cousin of mine was staying in my place, I preferred to leave him alone, give him some space. Once, I lent him my pick-up and he left a tape inside the stereo, Side A: Pantera, Side B: Backstreet Boys. He barely talked to us, the day he arrived he heard that one of my sisters spoke German and asked her to translate Rammstein lyrics into Spanish, but after that he only said, good afternoon and good night.

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