Proyectos Monclova

José Léon Cerrillo

12 Sep - 15 Nov 2009

© José Léon Cerrillo
"Hotel Edén"

Opening reception; Saturday, September 12th, 2009 - 12:00 pm
Goya 6 Col. Mixcoac, México D.F., México
Tel. + 52 (55) 5563 7156

Gallery hours:
Tuesday / Friday 11.00am - 06.00 pm
Saturday 11.00am - 04.00 pm
By appointment + 52 (55) 5563 7156

back there the concrete the floor to end the concrete and endless almost but smooth floor of the concrete one and above loading blocks several always angular black red choral orange blue emergency more black and soon more black but then shadows or purple that gags blocks different and several sizes but always the same proportion and on the floor of concrete are empty or hollowed words or hollowed emtpy blocks that are words bottomless screens holes and behind mirrors back that are double sided that is double view cheating mirrors where something reflected and transparent simultaneously then projections or more shadows but illuminated this time again through mirrors and the thing seems to be in the basic lack that then pretends clarity while confuses and necessarily because impossible not to see that there before that the thing that delineates that like an open room a zone a perihpery like something void but not working because taken because full because then there not empty but before this that the corridor crossed out by structures of different sizes as trace of the space that would have to serve as direction and conductor the profiles the barricades that interrupt the corridor penetrate the walls as one tries to do now but before the corridor and before still the scatched entrance door the front door graffitied pissed spatt on because outside the town square but here now the scratched door is opened here to an almost closed corridor or almost opened or kidnapped or fragmented or broken but fixed or fixed because broken like one here now lead here while forced to be invasive fake anarchist to pass without running over above nor being run over to where the concrete floor back there the floor is smooth one and above loading blocks

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