Proyectos Monclova

Marie Lund

24 Aug - 19 Oct 2013

© Marie Lund
Masks, 2013

The inside of Masks carefully follows the contours of the face. The thickness of the material presents different features on the outside. And when you take the mask off you are left with an empty container and a bare face.
Back Pack
24 August – 19 October 2013

Proyectos Monclova is pleased to announce Back Pack, the second solo show by Marie Lund at the gallery. The exhibition is composed of a new series of canvases, and bronze, concrete and wooden sculptures.
The canvases used to be curtains. The openings they covered and the light they have been keeping out is held within the fabric. The building is gone now, and the folds, the lows and the highs areflattened. The sculptures stand the way you do, upright, feet on the ground. They are not legs but the inside of a pair of trousers.
Back Pack goes on your back. The content depends on the size of the bag and how much you can carry.
The material has taken its shape from the immediate surroundings, from something leaning against it, pushing and pulling with the pressure of weight and of time.

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