23 Oct - 30 Nov 2006


Two years after their first solo show at Monitor, the gallery has the pleasure to announce, for the second time in its space, the group ZimmerFrei (Massimo Carozzi, Anna de Manincor, Anna Rispoli) that will present a selection of last works realized with the support of the Man Museum in Nuoro and the Civic Gallery in Trento.
One of the works most significant playing on the show, the video entitled Why we came, shot in april 2006 on the Berchidda's beach (Sardinia), it has been co-produced by Man Museum for the project Site Specific curated by Maria Rosa Sossai.
As the same artists marked, Why we came intends to re-find the desert, the vastness of empty spaces; it establishes a "mineral" relation with the nature and with every aspect of what hanging over humans: accelerated big skies, virgin spaces where it is possible leave a trace, only on the sand.
Figures invade the shot, waiting for finding out the real reason of their coming. They modify the landscape with structural interventions, and out-line obstinate trajectories.
As provisional work of reclaimed land, a shovel stuck in the sand digs and reveals the body's inadequacy to the labour or to the standstill.
And the landscape during its incessant transformation swallows humans signs re-establishing a hierarchy of the permanent.

Personal Show:
- 2005 Panorama Bologna, Voltone del Podestа, Palazzo Re Enzo, Bologna; ZimmerFrei, Comptoir du Nylon, Bruxelles (B)

Collective Show:
- 2006 VideoReport Italia 04_05 curated by Andrea Bruciati, Galleria Comunale d’Arte Contemporanea di Monfalcone; Neverending Cinema, Galleria Civica, Trento; Video invitational, Via Farini, Milano;
- 2005, curated by Elena Volpato, Mario Gorni, Torino; Poesia in forma di rosa, Tribute to Pasolini, curated by Andrea Bruciati, Galleria Comunale d'Arte Contemporanea di Monfalcone; Modern Times, Volume 1, curated by Maria Rosa Sossai, MAN Museo d'Arte Nuoro, Nuoro; Reaction, [collateral event] Biennale di Venezia; Honey Money, Assab One, Milano, curated by Roberto Pinto

The project has been realized in collaboration with:
Man Museum of Arts, Nuoro
Civic Gallery of Contemporary Art, Trento

© ZimmerFrei

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